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Popeyes Kelowna Serves the Okanagan and Southern B.C.
Popeyes Kelowna Serves the Okanagan and Southern B.C.

Beyond Yourself Amino IQ 30 servings

Size (servings)

Designed to kick your brain into another gear AMINO-IQ has the added advantage of properly dosed nootropics, essential amino acids, natural sweeteners and all-natural colours. If all that wasn’t reason enough to love this very unique product, AMINO-IQ is part of our “CANDY SHOPPE SERIES” offering you mouth-watering flavours like Red, White & Boom Watermelon Candy, Tangerine Jelly Bean, Cotton Candy Gumball, Green Gummy Frogs, Tangy Peach Ringz and Banana Ice Pop. AMINO-IQ’s versatility makes it the perfect choice for both mental and physical performance. Whether its to study, work, train or gain, it’s time to go Beyond Yourself with AMINO-IQ.

Key Benefits
Nootropic formula perfect for a quick energy boost or for use as a Study Aid
Versatile formula that can be taken for both mental and physical performance
Full dose of ALPHA GPC (1200mg) for cognitive enhancement
Zero calories, zero carbs and 100% naturally sweetened and naturally coloured