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Best The Best Me 2023 SALE . Call 250-868-1168 for any Questions
Best The Best Me 2023 SALE. Call 250-868-1168 for any Questions

Beyond Yourself Amino IQ 60 Serving

60 servings

Designed to kick your brain into another gear AMINO-IQ has the added advantage of properly dosed nootropics, essential amino acids, natural sweeteners and all-natural colours. If all that wasn’t reason enough to love this very unique product, AMINO-IQ is part of our “CANDY SHOPPE SERIES” offering you mouth-watering flavours like Red, White & Boom Watermelon Candy, Tangerine Jelly Bean, Cotton Candy Gumball, Green Gummy Frogs, Tangy Peach Ringz and Banana Ice Pop. AMINO-IQ’s versatility makes it the perfect choice for both mental and physical performance. Whether its to study, work, train or gain, it’s time to go Beyond Yourself with AMINO-IQ.

Key Benefits
Nootropic formula perfect for a quick energy boost or for use as a Study Aid
Versatile formula that can be taken for both mental and physical performance
Full dose of ALPHA GPC (1200mg) for cognitive enhancement
Zero calories, zero carbs and 100% naturally sweetened and naturally coloured

Mix 1 scoop (13.9g) of AMINO-IQ2 with 6-12 oz of cold water immediately before consumption and drink it 45-90 minutes before your workout or as a nootropic aid during periods requiring mental alertness.